Feathers. Ribbon. Pom Poms

I made these small wreaths out of feathers, ribbon, and pom poms. I love the pom poms it looks like snow! My camera just died so I will post a how to when its charged.

This for Less

Macy's Jessica Simpson Dress,
Sleeveless Houndstooth Print Orig. $118.00

Target Limited Edition
Women's Belted Lady Dress- White Houndstooth $39.99
Product Image Target Limited Edition Women's Belted Lady Dress - White Houndstooth

Holiday dress anyone?!

Berries and Gold

Better Homes and Gardens has some great color schemes out for the holidays!
Berries and Gold is one of them.
Red and Gold plate

Here are some photos from my wedding-
a Berries and Gold color scheme also....

photos by: Rob Higginson

Goals for today.... make a wreath and redo my bookshelf!
I will let you know how it goes.

This for Less

1.Grand Cru Dress

Black cotton poplin dress with belt and pleated skirt.2.Bugle Boy Dress

3. Regina Chambray Dress


after sink close up.

The only thing we paid for was the wood for the moldings and for the glass mosaic. Everything else we got from a construction site that had "damaged goods" or they just had to much stuff. They were going to throw all this nice stuff out. It was a nice face lift to the bathroom.

Dishes = no problemo

My sister in-law Jessica gave me these a while back....
Thank you
Scrape the dishes, floor, shower, countertops... you name it.
Give your fingers and nails a break.
I must have for any gooey mess.

This for Less

1. Anthropologie.com
Reveille Jacket
2. Forever21.com
Bell Hopper Blazer

Ice Ice

oh how i love you.
This gives me an idea for this year.


I can not get over how much I love MKM handiwork!! My friend makes these amazing one of the kind buttons. Great price. Check them out.

Dianna's Bridal Shower

My sister in law got married over Thanksgiving break.
We were able to give her a shower before.
I made paper pom poms and paper flowers.... real flowers was out of the price range.
Check out how to do it.... Martha Stewart.
Easy, inexpensive and pretty.

CyperSpace Monday

I am all for online shopping.... I hate going shopping and buying something and moving to the next store to find the same thing for cheaper. Instead of black Friday try Cyber Monday.
Here are some things I have found online just in the past thirty minutes.
Dollhouse Women's Lala Boot
20% !
I love the military style that is in this winter.

5” x 7” Folded Cards
Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards
To busy to make your holiday card this year.... or forgot about it? Let them do it for you.
50% off!
Dress Side Story in Indigo
up to 40% off!

These are just a few things. Sales on toys, clothes and electronics! Free shipping at most stores.
Look around and don't leave the house!

DIY- Kitchen

My husband and I are low on cash...... for sure.
But our old kitchen was just not working....
Here is our design on a dime.

The dreadful kitchen before

And this is after..... and I love it

Paint that wall. Living in a small apartment makes it hard to have bold colors like that red. Painting it a lighter off white opened up the apartment!!

Replace ugly tile counter top with granite!
Tip: Don't have money to spend? Try to go to construction sites or talk to friends and family that are renovating. Most of the time they have extra granite that is left over from a project for the fraction of the price. Most of the time it is not a solid piece. But when you have a small kitchen it still looks great.

Look at that sink faucet?? It gives the kitchen such a face lift! Tip: Look for display sink faucets.
You can get the same amazing look for so cheap and it was just used a little.

Cabinets are very expensive! Try refacing them. Giving them a new look by making doors. And you don't have to demolish the entire kitchen just unscrew the doors!! And find some one sale hard ware to finish it off.

Love the white brick back splash. I was unsure about going white (seemed boring). But the brick shape and colorful counter tops make it a nice finished look. Putting a back splash in is very easy! Anyone can do it.

Now maybe one day I can get new floors...

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