For All You Renters...

{Note 1: This is a great idea for everyone, but especially for the renters}
I have a lot of friends and family who rent their house or apartment.
Can't paint or wallpaper because they won't let you?
Have ugly walls?
This is pretty awesome.
Fabric Wallpaper.
For those of you who know this already, I am sorry I must be behind...
The real exciting news is how easy it is to take off and reuse.
{Note 2: I have not done it YET , but i have only read good things}
Which is why it is great for everyone, especially renters... or even in college apartments.
You can have a stylish decorated apartment with out bland white walls.
Or you can just stay away from wallpaper.
Check this out....
does it look amazing or what?

Step by Step-

1. Buy inexpensive, colorful fabric — enough to cover at least one wall.

2. Wash the fabric first so the color won't transfer/ wash the walls before applying anything

3. Apply liquid starch onto the wall with a paint roller. Note: The starch adheres better if the paint isn't an eggshell finish.

4. Smooth your fabric onto the wall and apply a second coat of liquid starch on top.

5. Let it dry — instant wallpaper.

6. When it's time to move on, dampen the fabric with a sponge and peel it off.

HERE is a more detailed how to for those of you about to run out of your place and buy fabric.

Has anyone done this before or know someone who has?!?!

{We tried wallpaper which wasn't terrible but still no party}

Chain Scarf

Don't Leave Me Stranded Circle Scarf
I found this here for $50..... say it with me- "OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!"

You know why?

I made one with some left over yarn and some extra minutes.

Here are two I have made and some different ways to wear them...

I love it....
Indie/Victorian style... a million ways to wear it... and VERY warm and cozy.
Dress it up or dress it down- it works.
I am working on other projects check back soon.

The BEST Running Shoes

Nike Air Pegasus +26 Women's Running Shoe

The New Year....
Usually New Year Resolution's are about being healthier...
Well that's mine.
I don't want to lose any weight but I want to feel healthy and strong.
I use to be very active. VERY.
My mood, energy, strength, immune system etc. changes when I don't stay active.
Exercise makes me happy and it is a night and day difference.
(You would think since it is a night and day difference that it would be easy for me to get up and do it but it isn't)
I needed new running shoes. I did some research and talked to some University track stars and decided on this shoe.
However these shoes start at $85.00 at
This was out of my price range.
I found a ebay store that carried them for $40.
Go here to search for your size and find a good deal.
You might have to check back for your size or for the price you want.
BUT it is well worth the wait.
I was nervous about buying shoes on ebay but it turned out great just make sure they have good reviews.
You can find a steal of a deal with shoes on ebay.
These shoes are amazing.
Best running shoes you will ever have. I love mine.
They weigh nothing! and they don't look bad either.

Dog Crate Home Made

We made this.... My husband, Stephen made this..... For my parents dog Sigma, for Christmas.
Sigma is blind and likes to be around people always.... so he can hear them.
My dad has a nice home office and has had a ugly plastic dog crate in there.
This will make it look so much nicer.
Stephen is an amazing carpenter.