"Put some Windex on it"

I am working on my carpet and rugs. There are a few little stains that really bother me but I don't want to buy anything new.
I did some website searching and found that I should try Windex...
And I thought of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding....
"Put some Windex on it"


Well ladies and gents... It worked.
(I used no name brand glass cleaner)
Its easy. Here

Seeing Sunflowers on a Bike Ride

My friend Barbara got married in December. Barbara is great and so was her wedding theme so cute and creative... not suprised its so Barb. I am so sad I couldn't make it.


This for Less- Sweater Vest

Infinity sweater vest

Cocoon Cardigan Vest

Other sweater vests I love.

Sweater Vest Drape
Fever Tab Detail Sweater Vest
Fever Tab Detail Sweater Vest
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This for Less- Dots

Classy Polka Dots

1.Scalloped Dots Skirt
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2. Pleated Polka Dot Skirt
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