Here are fun creative ways to dye eggs for Easter or for spring...
These are just SOME of my favorites I have found.
These are easy for all ages and they look a lot better than any thing I dyed when I was young.

1. Tissue Paper Dyed Eggs for Easter

Take your hard boiled egg and moisten the outside. Then apply squares of tissue paper to the wet egg. Take a moistened paper towel and roll the tissue paper side of the egg on the wet paper towel to remove the tissue paper. You can also make fun patterns by cutting out shapes like butterflies or hearts from the tissue paper before applying.

(credit- photo)

2. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs for Easter

Cut a square out of a silk tie (what a great use for silk ties that your husband no longer likes!) and wrap your egg in the silk tie (closing the silk tightly). Boil the egg in water and vinegar, while the egg is wrapped in the silk tie. When you remove the silk tie, the tie pattern will have transferred to your Easter egg!

(credit- photo)

3. Pantyhose & Herbs to Dye Eggs for Easter

Take a piece of parsley, cilantro, rosemary, or even a small leaf from a tree or flower outside and place it on the side of your Easter egg. Cover the egg and herb with a piece of pantyhose to hold the herb in place. Now when you dye your egg, it will get a pattern from the herb!

(credit- photo)

4. Cheesecloth for Dyed Dinosaur Eggs

Cover your hard boiled egg with a square of cheesecloth. Use a paintbrush to paint the egg dye onto the egg wrapped in cheesecloth. Let the egg dry completely before removing the cheesecloth and you will get a beautiful reptile or dinosaur feel to your Easter egg!

(credit- photo)

5. Sparkley Glitter for Easter Eggs

After dying your egg, you can apply some glue and roll it in glitter. Just make sure that these aren’t the eggs your children will be eating!