Finger Puppets

For Christmas I gave my two year old nephew Benjamin a book about farm animals. I made finger puppets to go along with the story.
He loves farm animals but the little people farm toys at Walmart were over 40 dollars.
They turned out very cute and he loves it.pig, duck, frog, cow, horse
rooster, sheep

Little Blue Truck Board Book
this is the book.
Little Blue Truck
by Alice Schertle, Jill McElmurry

Happy New Year

Hope you had a great holiday!
I sure did and I wish it was longer.
The chaos is over and things are almost back to normal.
Here is my parents Christmas gift.
We had to figure out how to wrap it!
With big gifts, you really need a big bow.
Kind of like the car commercials with the big red bow on it!
Well the pretty big red bows that I found in my price range were not pretty.
So I decided not to spend any money and just make one.
It turned out pretty and unique... especially with out spending money.

Here is a stack of tissue paper folded and pinched in the middle.
Round the ends

Pull each tissue paper out one out of time.
I think it would look even better one color without print!
And I just used some of the tissue paper I had in the closet.
If the gift is smaller just cut the stack of tissue paper to fit your gift size.
(I know the Holidays are over but this is still great for all gifts)