Christmas Gift #2, #3...... etc

Hey I need to just throw my stuff on here :)

I have been getting orders for some finger puppets and Christmas Calendars!

So get your order in before Christmas.

Check everything out here....

Christmas Calendar (advent)
MOO Cow Finger Puppets

Holiday Gift Deal #1

Mini Camcorder
On sale for- $48

This camera has GREAT reviews and it is the size of a credit card. We luckily got ours online but it is sold out online! But you can goto Best Buy or even call them, I am sure. Its a still of a deal and you can even get a free digital photo frame with it (which is worth ~$99). Hurry deal is gone on 11/29.

Target has it only for Today Cyber Monday for $50.00 as well, which is half off.

this for less- poncho

Daily Constitutional Coat
For Less-

#1- Plaid Woven Cape
Drawstring Hoodie Poncho

Baby Stocking Hat

Here is my latest hat....


Sorry I have been off the tracks. I thought certain things were going to happen but then they didn't over and over. So now I press on!

Since we took our condo off the market I am trying to come up with better ways to organize my place make the 700 square feet fell like 1000! So any tips that you can give me on organizing a one bedroom condo so I don't feel like a complete crazy head would be great! I will share what I come up with.

And hopefully I will be back to normal... because normal is good right?

Try Something New- Wontons

We love Wontons and Chinese food!
We decided to try making them without spending to much money and eating lots of Chinese food.
It was Delicious.
We had four kinds.
1.plan cream cheese
2.cream cheese with avacado
4.meat/cream cheese

My favorite was all of the above. Stephen LOVED the meat.
Delicious... Here is the recipe we used for the meat.


4 Servings

1/2packagewonton skin
1/2cupvegetable oil
1tablespoonsoy sauce
1/2cupground pork
1pinchground pepper

Make sure you don't over stuff the wonton. The skin will get burned before the pork is cooked.
For filling: Mince garlic and cilantro. Mix all ingredients together, except for the wonton skin and vegetable oil.

To make the wonton, put half a teaspoon of the filling in the middle of the skin. Pick up one corner and fold it to the diagonal corner. Pick up the 2 ends that have 45 degrees angle (the ones where the fold is) and wet them with a dab of water on you finger. Pinch the two corners together. You will want to prepare all of your wontons before frying them, so that you are not trying to manage both the hot oil and getting the wontons folded.

Heat up the oil in a frying pan or wok at medium heat. To test when the oil is hot enough, stick a wooden chopstick in the oil. When the oil is ready the bubbles will come up from the chopstick. Fry the wonton until golden brown. Watch the heat carefully. Keep turning them to cook them all the way through. You may want to break open the first couple wontons to make sure that the centers get cooked.

This recipe will make 25 wontons. Serve hot with the sweet and sour sauce below.

Now we are going to try and make my FAVORITE Brazilian dessert- Cuscuz. I have been craving it since we got home from Rio last October.

This for Less- Little Black Dress

My cute cousin Heidi asked me to help her find a black dress for a wedding. I thought I would do a post on it. Her budget was around 50 dollars.

This: Anthropologie Night Fever Dress- here for $158.00
For Less: Target Merona Wrap Dress here for $24.99

Product Image Merona® Women's Easy Care Easy Wear Wrap Dress -  Black

Also Shabby Apple is having a 20% of many of their dresses... here are a few of my favorites from their Black section. Black Dress with Black Wrap Around Collar and Bowtake 20% of $86.00
Black V-Neck Button Collar Silk Dress
take 20% $88.00

If you need any help finding ANYTHING (clothing, furniture, etc) for less let me know. Email me and I can help you the best I can for free and do a post on it. I know that money is tight and no one has to spend full price.
email me:


This website is pretty neat... one deal at a time running all day long...

DIY, $1 & $10

Thought some of these were clever and inexpensive!!!
$1 DIY


:How to's and other $1 DIY projects:

$10 DIY

These ones were my favorite...


4.27.09 mail holder 2.jpg


1. Find a old shutter

2. take a piece of plywood and screw it on the back of it... (this is so the mail wont slide out)

3. Hang it your done!



Bike Lazy Susan

how to here


I decided to have some fun with some fabric I had and some onsies for a gift for my good friends new baby Lorilie...

I forgot to take a photo of the cupcake one with her name on it, it was super cute.


Check out this blog.
A new favorite, full of great Utah deals and coupons. It also has other coupons and deals for non- Utah residents.
The most recent deal is for fathers day...
Utah Deal Diva


Reviews on sunscreens and what to look for.
Watch this so you are prepared this summer.
(don't waste your money!)

This for Less- Swim

High Drive Maillot for $238.00

For Less-
Baudin Beach Halter for $42.00

I would love to help any of you find something you are looking to buy for less.... I love doing this... feel free to email me or comment and I can post on what you are looking for!

New Favorite Website

{photocredit- rosie boren}
Tips and Tutorials on photography!!!
This is amazing, I learned more from this website than from my photography class in college.


Oh how I want to buy plants.
With moving it just doesn't make much sense.

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers... in my case April snow but here are some fun rain gear for those getting normal weather!
EVERYTHING below is waterproof....

here are some of my favorites from Shop Standing Up

Great Trench Coat from Top Shop

Fun umbrellas from Umbrella Society

Signature Bella Pagoda Umbrella - B&W Pinwheel
Fun Rain Boots from Tretorn

Looking at this beautiful rain gear makes me WANT it to rain...


Here are fun creative ways to dye eggs for Easter or for spring...
These are just SOME of my favorites I have found.
These are easy for all ages and they look a lot better than any thing I dyed when I was young.

1. Tissue Paper Dyed Eggs for Easter

Take your hard boiled egg and moisten the outside. Then apply squares of tissue paper to the wet egg. Take a moistened paper towel and roll the tissue paper side of the egg on the wet paper towel to remove the tissue paper. You can also make fun patterns by cutting out shapes like butterflies or hearts from the tissue paper before applying.

(credit- photo)

2. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs for Easter

Cut a square out of a silk tie (what a great use for silk ties that your husband no longer likes!) and wrap your egg in the silk tie (closing the silk tightly). Boil the egg in water and vinegar, while the egg is wrapped in the silk tie. When you remove the silk tie, the tie pattern will have transferred to your Easter egg!

(credit- photo)

3. Pantyhose & Herbs to Dye Eggs for Easter

Take a piece of parsley, cilantro, rosemary, or even a small leaf from a tree or flower outside and place it on the side of your Easter egg. Cover the egg and herb with a piece of pantyhose to hold the herb in place. Now when you dye your egg, it will get a pattern from the herb!

(credit- photo)

4. Cheesecloth for Dyed Dinosaur Eggs

Cover your hard boiled egg with a square of cheesecloth. Use a paintbrush to paint the egg dye onto the egg wrapped in cheesecloth. Let the egg dry completely before removing the cheesecloth and you will get a beautiful reptile or dinosaur feel to your Easter egg!

(credit- photo)

5. Sparkley Glitter for Easter Eggs

After dying your egg, you can apply some glue and roll it in glitter. Just make sure that these aren’t the eggs your children will be eating!


'Laundry List'

Country Home has some affordable products to help brighten up your laundry room/day.
I love the above sink and tile. And I wouldn't mind one of these in my small laundry room.

Wooden Drying Rack.