What do you think?

So I am not planning on having a crib for the first part of my babies life. I have a small condo right now and I don't plan on putting a crib next to me. I am looking at these products. What have you liked??

1. Pack n Play- This is the more expensive ones but the cuddle rocker looked nice (I would probably buy one that is less expensive) I would prefer something that weighs less, so i could take it camping, on a plane or just to the next room with out much effort. It is also pretty big to fit next to my bed in my small room.

2. Rocker- Small, less expensive, good reviews. Would my kid really sleep in that?

3. Swing- I probably want a swing anyway. This has great reviews. The babe would only sleep in it till they were 4ish months.
CO-SLEEPER Brand Clearvue Bassinet, Cocoa Fern
4. Bassinet/Cosleeper- Not to expensive but really its only a bassinet?

5. Peapod- These look awesome. Not heavy, kids sleep in it for longer (up to age 6), folds up. But do they really sleep in it? AND I don't think I could stand bending down to the ground to pick the baby up all night.

SO what do you use? I want to get something and I hope to not have the baby sleep with me or in a drawer (which works).