Pecan Waffles

This is a really simple recipe but it was so good.
We wanted to try something different than just normal waffles... and we felt like pecans so

We used Krusteaz mix.
add 6 tablespoons of brown sugar
a handful of chopped pecans
per eight 4 inch waffles

Add any fruit that you want on top or just butter and syrup.
So yummy nice change for normal waffles.

BYU, U of U, Nativity

Here are three more of our calendars.

U of U
U of U letters and colors on the tree.
Oh and I just realized that I put the numbers in the wrong order! That was the photographers problem not the calendars! :)
BYU calendar
The Y and BYU colors on the tree.


The number 25 rotates on the top to show the star.
This one is my favorite

Calendar Update and "Budda" dish

We are making three other Christmas Calendars.

We are going to make a Nativity, BYU, and U of U calendar.

They should be done by tomorrow!!

Check back tomorrow for them.

If you are interested in buying one please email me.

We will have prices up tomorrow.

We also have just finished my new bookshelf/desk and will be posting that soon.

I also am finishing up my parents and siblings Christmas gifts! I am very excited to post about them and to have my family see them.

For the mean time.

I am in need for a new butter dish.
(my dog is sneaky and likes to lick the butter when we are gone... oh max)

I love this one.

on sale for: 7.95

Christmas Calendar

I had the idea for a Christmas Calendar and my Husband made it happen.
He made this and was the artist as well.
It looks amazing huh?

The numbers shown

What It looks like when Christmas is here

What it looks like half way into December


John and Emily Jones. John (a medical student at the University of Virginia) was exploring The Nutty Putty caves near Spanish Fork, UT during his Thanksgiving vacation when he got stuck in a 10"x14" space. Rescuers worked for 28 hours to remove him but could not and he passed away. He left behind his wife, Emily, their 14-month-old daughter and a baby on the way (due in June).

A Daily Scoop Blog is holding a auction to help the young widow.

I am auctioning my Mobile from nevehats.

Click here to bid on my Mobile
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How 2

Tip: I bought the plastic wrapped hay wreaths. I was going to buy the normal styrofoam wreaths but these hay ones were a dollar!!! instead of 6+ dollars. I was wondering how the plastic and hay was going to react to hot glue but it worked great and stayed together.
PomPoms: Buy different sized pom poms not just one size. It adds wonderful texture!
Feathers: Make sure you glue feathers all going in the same direction it makes it look pretty and not like a messy chicken. And if you don't like the look of feathers spread out than tie a ribbon around it to keep feathers tight against the wreath.
Ribbons: It will probably look better if you by the styrofoam wreaths because you can lay the ribbon flat. It still looks good with the hey though. Also big ribbon is better than small and is much faster and looks great.