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My good friend Bethany is getting married in Virginia. I will be 38 weeks when that day comes. I am super bummed I will not be going. sighhhhhhh. I put together a small pre wedding celebration for those in Utah who won't make it out East. Here are a few photos. I had fun decorating and I wanted it to be outside but 95 degrees is to hot. It turned out nice. A big thanks to my hub and mums/fam for their help. :)


Yes, it's been a long time since I posted on my dresser and headboard. I have been wanting to wait till the dresser was done but we have been so crazy with summer and work that its still only half way done! So here is the dresser. My husband did a great job and we kind of just played it by ear as we sanded and panted it. The 2007 is the year we were married.

Interior Design Help

We are in the middle of taking apart our place to prepare for a baby! We just bought a old 1940s dresser that is beautiful ( for our clothes and baby stuff.changing table) and we came across a old door that we will make into a headboard. We already have a turquoise book self/desk in there. We can change the color of the book shelf but its easier not to. We are going for a modern romantic/vintage feel. What color should we refinish the door and dresser?????? Here is what they look like...

This is what our door looks like...

and the dresser....

I hope to find some amazing hardware at anthropologie... I will do another post on that!

I will post the finish project!

What do you think?

So I am not planning on having a crib for the first part of my babies life. I have a small condo right now and I don't plan on putting a crib next to me. I am looking at these products. What have you liked??

1. Pack n Play- This is the more expensive ones but the cuddle rocker looked nice (I would probably buy one that is less expensive) I would prefer something that weighs less, so i could take it camping, on a plane or just to the next room with out much effort. It is also pretty big to fit next to my bed in my small room.

2. Rocker- Small, less expensive, good reviews. Would my kid really sleep in that?

3. Swing- I probably want a swing anyway. This has great reviews. The babe would only sleep in it till they were 4ish months.
CO-SLEEPER Brand Clearvue Bassinet, Cocoa Fern
4. Bassinet/Cosleeper- Not to expensive but really its only a bassinet?

5. Peapod- These look awesome. Not heavy, kids sleep in it for longer (up to age 6), folds up. But do they really sleep in it? AND I don't think I could stand bending down to the ground to pick the baby up all night.

SO what do you use? I want to get something and I hope to not have the baby sleep with me or in a drawer (which works).


Since I am expecting baby number one I feel that I am allowed to post on baby goods, deals, ideas etc. So expect a increase number of baby posts (and think of me, enjoying it).

Baby Post Number 1:

Has anyone purchased a crib from Walmart??

I really like this baby mod crib from Walmart.

I also like the price, at $299.00

It is three in one and I hope to use it for more than one kid.

Any opinions!?

NYC Bagel

I have been craving my NYC Bagel no one understands that there is a difference....
"go to Einsteins" Nope no way not even close.

This recipe is delicious! and super close to a NYC Bagel.... oh my and it doesn't take TOO long...


We do it everything bagel style and put poppy seed, onion, salt, garlic, sesame seed etc. on top.
So yummy with just cream cheese but also make great deli sandwiches.