This Week for Dinner

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Swedish meatballs.
One of my best buds, that I grew up with in New Jersey, Anne has a sister name Jane Maynard. Jane has a great blog that I have been following for a long time called This Week for Dinner. If you have not found this blog yet this is your lucky day. Every Sunday she posts what she made for dinner and others share what they made. It's fun to see what yummy food she makes and it's great for ideas. She also has other cooking tips and ideas. Oh, how I envy someone who is a great cook, and loves it. I am still working on the LOVING part oh and the great part, I just like the eating part.
This Week for Dinner

Small Space Table

I needed a craft/sewing table but had no room for it in our small condo.
My husband came up with this.

Buy a craft table. Build a wood frame around it. Buy cheap fabric from Pull fabric tight around frame and staple it. Add some wall hooks. Now you have some fun wall decor and a fun craft table. You can even use the bottom of the table as storage. I keep my cutting board and rulers underneath. If I got really into it, I could staple pockets to hold other craft supplies like tape and scissors.

Flowers and Rings

For my sister in law's wedding I wanted to have a very simple outfit with a pencil skirt and sweater but have fun accessories. All the accessories that where unique and I loved were too expensive. All I had in my house was yarn so I made this. I found two necklaces that I liked online and put them together. I don't remember where I found the two necklaces but I remember seeing them online so I think I remembered them right? It turned out fun anyway I just feel bad I cannot give credit to whoever my inspiration was!


I am a major to do list person.
Calendars are my companion.
I want a office so I can do this in fun colors.

Learn how to do this: martha