How 2

Tip: I bought the plastic wrapped hay wreaths. I was going to buy the normal styrofoam wreaths but these hay ones were a dollar!!! instead of 6+ dollars. I was wondering how the plastic and hay was going to react to hot glue but it worked great and stayed together.
PomPoms: Buy different sized pom poms not just one size. It adds wonderful texture!
Feathers: Make sure you glue feathers all going in the same direction it makes it look pretty and not like a messy chicken. And if you don't like the look of feathers spread out than tie a ribbon around it to keep feathers tight against the wreath.
Ribbons: It will probably look better if you by the styrofoam wreaths because you can lay the ribbon flat. It still looks good with the hey though. Also big ribbon is better than small and is much faster and looks great.

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