The BEST Running Shoes

Nike Air Pegasus +26 Women's Running Shoe

The New Year....
Usually New Year Resolution's are about being healthier...
Well that's mine.
I don't want to lose any weight but I want to feel healthy and strong.
I use to be very active. VERY.
My mood, energy, strength, immune system etc. changes when I don't stay active.
Exercise makes me happy and it is a night and day difference.
(You would think since it is a night and day difference that it would be easy for me to get up and do it but it isn't)
I needed new running shoes. I did some research and talked to some University track stars and decided on this shoe.
However these shoes start at $85.00 at
This was out of my price range.
I found a ebay store that carried them for $40.
Go here to search for your size and find a good deal.
You might have to check back for your size or for the price you want.
BUT it is well worth the wait.
I was nervous about buying shoes on ebay but it turned out great just make sure they have good reviews.
You can find a steal of a deal with shoes on ebay.
These shoes are amazing.
Best running shoes you will ever have. I love mine.
They weigh nothing! and they don't look bad either.

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