For All You Renters...

{Note 1: This is a great idea for everyone, but especially for the renters}
I have a lot of friends and family who rent their house or apartment.
Can't paint or wallpaper because they won't let you?
Have ugly walls?
This is pretty awesome.
Fabric Wallpaper.
For those of you who know this already, I am sorry I must be behind...
The real exciting news is how easy it is to take off and reuse.
{Note 2: I have not done it YET , but i have only read good things}
Which is why it is great for everyone, especially renters... or even in college apartments.
You can have a stylish decorated apartment with out bland white walls.
Or you can just stay away from wallpaper.
Check this out....
does it look amazing or what?

Step by Step-

1. Buy inexpensive, colorful fabric — enough to cover at least one wall.

2. Wash the fabric first so the color won't transfer/ wash the walls before applying anything

3. Apply liquid starch onto the wall with a paint roller. Note: The starch adheres better if the paint isn't an eggshell finish.

4. Smooth your fabric onto the wall and apply a second coat of liquid starch on top.

5. Let it dry — instant wallpaper.

6. When it's time to move on, dampen the fabric with a sponge and peel it off.

HERE is a more detailed how to for those of you about to run out of your place and buy fabric.

Has anyone done this before or know someone who has?!?!

{We tried wallpaper which wasn't terrible but still no party}

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  1. Yeah! I did this in my last house I lived in (2+ years ago?) It was super easy and really fun to do, actually. I miss it also. What I ended up doing was I got a bunch of different fabrics and did a mural on one of the walls. It turned out really great and I've been thinking of trying it out again. If I can find pictures, I'll send them to you.