My husband got a good deal on some oak wood floors.
I love wood floors.
But since we are just selling our house I am not sure about it.
It is a lot of work (for my husband).
We are doing it for someone else.
I would have to leave with my dog for 3-4+ days.
So I need some reassurance.
Wood floors will help it sale faster right?
Most people like wood floors over carpet and tile?
700 square feet apartment
What would you do?


  1. Well Rosie,
    I would usually vote for carpet because I like it more. But in your case I would go with wood. I think that it will help it sell for all of the normal reasons, but also because of Max. Alot of people have problems with places that have had dogs, the hair sticks in everything, especially carpet. The wood floors will look great and they don't hide any hair. I say do it

  2. I was going to say not to waste the wood on a place your leaving, but save it for a place you'll be going to. But after reading Micheal's post, I don't know. He brought up a good point with the carpet hiding hair and such. Tough call. I say pray about it and you'll know.

  3. We had a similar problem when we were getting ready to sell out house. We really needed to cover our front entry. We went back and forth but finally decided on vinal flooring much cheaper, goes in super fast and I am not kidding it looks so similar to wood. You install it in pieces that are cut just like wood. You have to get on you knees to tell the difference. We picked up ours at home depot and installed it all in about an hour. It looked great!