When I was young my family would take trips to Rancho Cucamonga, California to visit my Grandparents. One vivid memory I have is playing in their yard with my cousins. They had this beautiful courtyard that went down to a pool. To enter the backyard there was a beautiful gate with a long path with vines up and down it. It was almost like a tunnel to get to the gate. Then there was a courtyard where there was fruit trees and great landscaping. This was one of those courtyards that was made for walking....

Beautiful Garden
(it was sort of like this)
You know in Pride and Prejudice when they always ask Elizabeth to take a stroll with them so they could gossip. This was one of those kind of gardens. Not really to do much to do but to walk around in a circle.
I have always wanted a amazing landscape. I don't plan on having all these little pathways but you can make a ugly house look amazing with some beautiful landscape.
I wanted to stay outside in my Grandparents courtyard forever.
I want something like that.
I would prefer to have a big out of the ordinary garden and outdoor living area than a out of the ordinary big house.
Here are some gardens that I think are beautiful.
Now I need to get the money and the knowledge to make this happen... hmmm

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  1. These gardens are beautiful! And you're right, they totally remind me of Pride & Prejudice.