What do you think?

So I am not planning on having a crib for the first part of my babies life. I have a small condo right now and I don't plan on putting a crib next to me. I am looking at these products. What have you liked??

1. Pack n Play- This is the more expensive ones but the cuddle rocker looked nice (I would probably buy one that is less expensive) I would prefer something that weighs less, so i could take it camping, on a plane or just to the next room with out much effort. It is also pretty big to fit next to my bed in my small room.

2. Rocker- Small, less expensive, good reviews. Would my kid really sleep in that?

3. Swing- I probably want a swing anyway. This has great reviews. The babe would only sleep in it till they were 4ish months.
CO-SLEEPER Brand Clearvue Bassinet, Cocoa Fern
4. Bassinet/Cosleeper- Not to expensive but really its only a bassinet?

5. Peapod- These look awesome. Not heavy, kids sleep in it for longer (up to age 6), folds up. But do they really sleep in it? AND I don't think I could stand bending down to the ground to pick the baby up all night.

SO what do you use? I want to get something and I hope to not have the baby sleep with me or in a drawer (which works).


  1. Diana slept in a pack and play until we moved into the house when she was over 2. Emily slept in a bassinet sized pack and play until she was 1 when we moved into the house and they did just fine. Shonn Hiatt's kid slept in his car seat for months (not my favorite option). I liked Emily pack and play bassinet because it had wheels and easily fit through doors so I could move it where I wanted easily - normal pack and plays are too wide to fit through a door so you have to collapse them to move them.
    Good luck!

  2. Our babies sleep in a bassinet next to the bed for the first few months. It's so nice to reach over and pick up the baby for night feedings without having to get out of bed. Clara slept in a swing quite a bit because of colic (we didn't turn it on at night), but she didn't seem to sleep as soundly that way.
    I would recommend finding something that allows the baby to lay down flat. Some babies develop flat spots on their heads from sleeping in the same position all the time.

  3. We have the small version of the pack play. It's light enough to take camping and for me to haul it around on my own. It has a bassinet insert that just lays flat and it works great. I have taken to the beach, camping, dirt biking, etc. it also has wheels and fits through the door okay. The babies don't really enjoy sleeping in the bassinet till they are like a month or 2 along I've noticed. So honestly, they sleep in the bouncer inside the bassinet insert in the pack n play. I'm sure it's very "dangerous" according to regulations in the US, but I think babies like a bit of incline at the beginning. I fit it next to our bed just fine and I am able to open my eyes and see the baby and reach for him with GREAT ease. then when they get to be around 4months they say you're supposed to take them out of the room from you, and at that time I'm sure you can use a crib, or stick with the pack n play until they are too tall for it. It works wonders. Wow, long comment.

  4. I've just been using the "Chicco Lullaby LX Playard" and have loved it.
    See it here: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10803016

    It fits through the doorway just fine. It doesn't have a bassinet, but I don't think I would have used it much anyway. I just swaddled her and rolled 2 blankets and put one on each side of her to help her feel "snuggled." I also like that this one has a changing table that is stabilized by the 2 long sides of the bed rather than the first one you showed a picture of is just held up on the one short end. I can take the changing table off and on easily without having to snap it into anything.

    I've heard good things about the co-sleeper, but you'd only use that for maybe 4 months at the most and then you'd need a crib/packnplay anyway. I don't know anyone that's used a Peapod. Lorilie is still in our room (cuz we don't have anywhere else to put her!) and it's worked out just fine! I'm glad we don't have a wood crib right now cuz with a packnplay we can fold it up and store it somewhere during the day if we need the space, we can move it around, we can take it with us wherever we go.

    In your place I'd definitely recommend a pack n play! I also used a swing for about the first 4 months and she took ALL her naps in it! She LOVED that thing! It was kinda spendy but it saved me from a sore back and I was able to walk away and get some stuff done without holding her.

    Good luck!

  5. hope you liked my book that I just posted! That's chapter one. Maybe I should just email you the rest of the book! (sorry! Didn't realize I was typing that much!) :)

  6. We borrowed a bassinet for our first baby and he hated it until he was a few months older. My sister had given me an old infant car seat that she had cut the belts off of. We folded a blanket in it to make it a little more comfy/cozy and he loved it. I imagine that cuddle rocker on the pack-n-play would have a similar effect.

    With my daughter, I got a cradle off the bulletin board and liked it. It was small enough to fit next to my bed and a comfortable height so I could get her in and out without having to leave my bed if I didn't want to. She did prefer more padding under her (we used a baby comforter) and she liked to be swaddled, which was very different from her brother, but every baby is different! We only used it for a few months though, then moved her to the crib in her brother's room.

    It's hard having to pick these things before you've even met your baby, huh?! But you're asking yourself the right kinds of questions about the different options. Just keep doing that-where are you going to change your baby's diapers? How long do you want your baby in your room, or how soon do you want to switch to a bigger bed? Do you want it to have a double purpose like a swing or a rocker/bouncer? etc...
    I think you'll make a good choice, but still, good luck! :)

  7. Leah slept in her bouncer/rocker thing in her crib for 2 or 3 months, mostly because the incline helped her reflux. After that she became too wiggly and I didn't like the idea of her being able to wiggle out of the bouncer and crib. We also have a pack n play that she's only slept in when we've gone on trips, but I've left it up in our house until this week because it has a diaper changing station and I didn't buy a separate one. Wish I would have bought one though. I wouldn't have been able to change Leah's diaper for WEEKS after I had her if I would have had to change her on the ground.