Bookshelf fun


So we were going to paint and wallpaper this bookshelf to give it new life. But we decided to change it into a desk/bookshelf and add some lights! Let me tell you how amazing it is to be typing on a desk! I wish I would of had one during school!

First we added a border to make it look more "chunky".
Add some pretty paint
Oil-Based, Sherwin Williams
Waited a long time for all sides of the shelves to dry and added wallpaper we found on sale.
Not only did we decide to make the bookshelf a desk and add lights but my husband also decided to add hooks for my purses and hooks for my necklaces. He also made amazing jewelry organizers. They are yet to be stained so I will post on them later.
I love being organized (when it happens in a small condo it is amazing).
Turn on the lights...
Here is the desk folded in
This was our first time doing wallpaper lets just say.... we learned some things. :)

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  1. Rosie, you and Stephen are amazing. I love seeing your blog and I love this new blog you are doing - keep it coming girl! Hope you guys are doing well. Love ya!