I am surrounded by perfection.

Yesterday was my husband and my two year anniversary. It's amazing that two years have flown by. I was in charge after I lost a bet we made. I had a wonderful day planned but it could have only happened if it snowed or if there was left over snow. And it didn't.... I had a lame back up plan but it cost money. I was counting on this being my gift to him since it was very time consuming. Plus it is nice to give a gift that I spend a lot of time on and that is creative.

Not to mention my husband is the hardest person to shop for. He has everything that he wants and he doesn't constantly say "oh that's pretty...or oh I like that" like me. So through out the year I am constantly reminding him with out knowing what I like. He never does that and never tells me what he wants. Also he is unemployed at the moment and we have one car so it is extremely hard to give him a surprise. He is always with me.

So that night I was thinking of something that I could do for him. I had a lot of good ideas but nothing that I could do fast. I thought I will be unoriginal and wake up early and make him breakfast (since he is the cook in the family).... Six is plenty early to get up and make breakfast.... My husband was up at five...... making noise. I sat in bed very angry. He is making me something and making me breakfast. Now most of you are probably thinking..... why are you mad your husband is amazing he is making you gifts and breakfast stop whining. Well I sat there and I had nothing for him besides that we were going to Park City that day. I felt terrible and the worse wife in the world. He always does things like this for me. Not only did he make breakfast it was 10 times better than anything else I would have made. He also surprised me with a watch that I need and want. I constantly feel like I don't contribute and do anything for him because by the time I go to do it... it is done.... and done better.
Well I feel bad that I was moody during my breakfast in bed but I wasn't like that the whole day. I enjoyed the wonderful steak dinner he made and the cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Raspberry citrus cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter, caramel with Oreo crust. delicious but very expensive!

I really need to try and be a better wife and think of things I can do for him because really no matter what he says I feel like I am clueless, spoiled and a failure.

Oh well maybe by 3 years I'll come up with something. For now I will stop complaining and just enjoy it!

I thought these were amazing.... kind of like my husband.

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  1. I can't think of a better gift than to have someone think I am wonderful. Stephen is blessed to have a wife that apprciates his great abilities

  2. Now, now, none of that talk...if WE think you're GREAT, well then...that's that - end of discussion!

  3. Not to mention, you make him happy, something we couldn't always do, and there are a million of us! As for gifts for Stephen, ask Jess about the broken curling iron year.