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I am staining my new jewelry boxes/organizers. Not everyone has a handy man as a husband. So while I wait to post his creations. Here are some DIY projects that don't require a handyman. These are also great gifts ideas.

1. Old Picture Frames

{picture credit- here}
A great way to hang earrings or sunglasses.
Find a great old picture frame.
Remove the glass and stretch lace, wire mesh or rope along the edges.
This is a great place to display your jewelry.
They look good on you why hide it, make it art.

2. Old Tea Cups
Teacup jewelry
{Picture credit Martha}
This is my favorite jewelry organizer that I have seen.
The problem is you need the space to hold all the cups.
But it is beautiful.

3. Cutlery Boxes

Just like I did with my bookshelf wallpaper and hardware make it a great display
How to: here

Other ideas:
1. Use ice trays or plastic egg cartons to store small rings or small earrings. I would cover the plastic with fun paper or fabric strips.
2. Candlestick holders to keep bangles and bracelets.
3.For larger items like scarves and ties, consider getting creative with a slat rack, ladder or trellis.
4.Shoe organizers and folding shelves can be used for any of your accessories. (belts, hats, bags, gloves, scarf)
5. Lastly dish dividers and stacking racks can be used to separate handbags.
{ideas from the today}

Number 3 and 5 are on my to do list.

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