Since I am expecting baby number one I feel that I am allowed to post on baby goods, deals, ideas etc. So expect a increase number of baby posts (and think of me, enjoying it).

Baby Post Number 1:

Has anyone purchased a crib from Walmart??

I really like this baby mod crib from Walmart.

I also like the price, at $299.00

It is three in one and I hope to use it for more than one kid.

Any opinions!?


  1. super duper pretty with nice lines.

  2. We got ours at JC Penny for about $180, not including the mattress. Walmart is pretty good for stuff like this, hopefully, in Utah you can go and look at their floor models. Here in New Mexico we just had to order online and hope it all worked. It did :) I would also suggest to you to get about 4-5 crib sheets as well. If your baby ends up being a spity-uppy or a barfer, you'll want extra sheets in the middle of the night. We got our sheets at Walmart as well. They're good and wash well and have not faded too much in 2 years of use. The other thing is, and this depends on what school of mothering you subscribe to and what your doctor says, we did not have a bumper pad. I found it was just one more thing to worry about. So far James has only got stuck once, but he was being naughty, so I didn't feel too sorry for him.

  3. I bought Braylie's crib from walmart and I love it! It was actually built really well and I've had a lot of compliments on it. We paid about 250 and it has not disappointed. We plan on it lasting through all 5 or so of our children! :)

  4. We just bought ours from Walmart as well. We're pleasantly surprised! It's very good quality, real sturdy wood, and I think it will last through a few kids. We ordered it online and had no problems with it. It was also an easy set up.