Interior Design Help

We are in the middle of taking apart our place to prepare for a baby! We just bought a old 1940s dresser that is beautiful ( for our clothes and baby stuff.changing table) and we came across a old door that we will make into a headboard. We already have a turquoise book self/desk in there. We can change the color of the book shelf but its easier not to. We are going for a modern romantic/vintage feel. What color should we refinish the door and dresser?????? Here is what they look like...

This is what our door looks like...

and the dresser....

I hope to find some amazing hardware at anthropologie... I will do another post on that!

I will post the finish project!


  1. Fun fun fun!! You married the right man for all this. I wondered, at first, if the dresser was for tools.

  2. I think those are some great finds! The dresser is adorable! I would possibly just leave the hardware as is because I like the circular detailing on it, but anthropologie DOES have some great options as well. Sounds like a few fun projects!Good luck